The School of Ministry is one that immerses you in a hands-on-practical environment. Our vision is to raise up a generation of world changers that reflect the rawness of Jesus, awaken the God given potential inside of you whether you come for a week, 10 weeks, or a year. We believe that living out the life of Jesus is the highest privilege anyone could ever have. So just as Jesus invited the 12 into a life-changing experience of immersion into a closer relationship with himself, a deeper study of his word, community with one another, and ministry to others. We are inviting you to do the same. The experiences listed below encompass that vision.




The Missionary Intern Experience (MIX) is our first tier discipleship and missionary training school. The MIX is a 9 week missions experience in Las Vegas, NV. It is designed to be one of the most exciting, intense, and unique ministry environments in the country. We’re searching for passionate and gifted people to join in the MIX. If your interested in being immersed in a culture of revival, then the MIX is of you.




The Mission Adventures Experience (MAX) is a short term mission trip where groups from across the country come to Las Vegas to live in, and serve in the inner city while being trained and ministered to through our different ministry environments . It is a partnership we have with YWAM that we greatly value. You will learn the importance of being a lifestyle missionary not only in Las Vegas, but in your hometown. 

*This link will take you to the YWAM application page.

I had never ran that far with God
— Rachel Taylor, VA
It was a hands on experience that really trained me
— Zachary Walls, OH
I wanted an experience that was more than just an internship
— Michael Briggs, NV
I learned more in the last two months of DX than in the last 2 years of just reading the Bible, and my faith has never been stronger
— Randy Pinkney
After only one semester I feel more equipped when I read God’s word. I’m not just learning hermeneutics, but experiencing life change from the practical instruction we receive
— Andy Smith